Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sandpit Rezoning Discussion - May 15th

The Saranac Lake Village Board will discuss the possible rezoning of the village sandpit area on Lake Flower Avenue. This is the 10 acre site that Wal-Mart is hoping to purchase from the village. Mayor Michael states that this meeting is not a Wal-Mart referendum but rather an opportunity to ask questions of the consulting engineer, Andy Abdullah. The village has thus far spent $18,000 on the rezoning process and it will cost an estimated $32,000 more. The SEQR process has been completed so Trustee John McEneany suggests that the board should decide whether or not to proceed with the rezoning process. McEneany is also concerned that the meeting could turn into a 'free-for-all'. Read more here at WNBZ.

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Anonymous said...

I was at last nights board meeting. Mayor Michael had every opportunity to go ahead and rezone this property, but he did not do so. Holding a board meeting and giving those in attendance opportunity to question Andy Abdullah, and the SEQR process is a great idea. Didn't the Democrats run on the idea of "open government" and is this not open government in action?
Will it turn into a free-for-all? Not if it's handled properly. My only concern is that the meeting is supposed to be held at the Fire House because it can hold as many as 70 people. But I'm afraid that the Fire House is not going to be big enough to hold everyone who wants to come. I would like to see the meeting held perhaps in the Town Hall.
And I am glad Mayor Michael didn't just go ahead an rezone the land.
Open government is just what this village has needed!!