Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wal-Mart Reps Refuse Invite to Village Board Meeting

Tom Micheal, Mayor of Saranac Lake, invited Wal-Mart representatives to attend a May 15 Village Board Meeting. At this meeting there will be a presentation concerning the rezoning of the village sandpit site where Wal-Mart has expressed interest in building a store. Thus far, the Wal-Mart reps have refused the invitation. Read more here in today's ADE.

One interesting bit of information is that Mr. Micheal met with Wal-Mart reps last February as a representative of the 'Red Carpet Team' prior to being elected mayor.

Michael said he told the Wal-Mart representatives at that meeting there were other possible sites in the village for potential development and that the Wal-Mart representatives were interested in hearing those ideas.

Does this imply that Essex County Manager Cliff Donaldson never mentioned to Wal-Mart reps about possible downtown building sites? Building sites which are located in Franklin County and the Town of Harrietstown?

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