Thursday, March 23, 2006

What Will Essex County Do?

Last October, Lawmakers in Suffolk County, N.Y voted 17-1 to require large, nonunionized grocery retailers in the county to contribute to their employees' health insurance. The bill affects retail stores that have 25,000 square feet or more devoted to groceries, stores that have 100,000 or more square feet with 3% used for groceries.

Philip Serghini (Wal-Mart Community Affairs Manager for the Northeast), said, "We are concerned that the health care bill passed today, which does nothing to provide health care to those people without insurance, is a kind of hidden tax that runs counter to Wal-Mart's commitment to everyday low prices"

Mr. Serghini, believes that Wal-Mart provides affordable health care insurance to its employees. Does Mr. Serghini have the same health care plan as the 'associates' at his stores? Mr. Serghini notes that all Wal-Mart employees are eligible for company provided health insurance but about half of them 'decline' it. Does Mr. Serghini know why half of the employees 'decline' the Wal-Mart health insurance plan?

Some other things Mr. Serghini 'believes':

Wal-Mart provides value for customers

see here and here.

Wal-Mart provides opportunities for our workforce

see here and here and here.

Wal-Mart provides economic support for communities

see here and here.

Wal-Mart provides a helping hand for charities across America

see here.

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