Monday, March 27, 2006

Together Again - Howard Riley in ADE

Howard Riley wrote in Sat. ADE a column about the Democrats sweeping the Village elections. The last paragraph is worth posting for those of you who do not get the ADE.

It is now time for the village board, the Harrietstown Town Board, the chamber of commerce, the Red Carpet Team, the Local Merchants Association and others who want to play a part to get a department store in a DOWNTOWN location where seniors can walk to it. If Wal-Mart can pay more than 2 million bucks for only one of the sites in its present plan, then there are sites that they can afford to develop downtown in a store of reasonable size.
The citizens of Saranac Lake have just spoken loud and clear that they will decide what Saranac Lake wants and needs and gave a big Bronx cheer to those who believe otherwise.

Congratulations to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise on your great new website. Welcome to the 21st Century!

UPDATE: The entire text of Mr. Riley's column is posted here at the ADE website.

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