Monday, February 13, 2006

Liberals Are Intolerant

Google 'liberal intolerance' and you will find thousands of conservative rants about how liberals are 'intolerant' and thus hypocritical. You see liberals claim to be 'open minded'. See how liberals are intolerant of Wal-Mart.....See!

Well I have to admit I am very intolerant of Wal-Mart. I cannot tolerate their definition of a 'full time' worker. I cannot tolerate the fact that they offer health insurance that their employees cannot afford. I cannot tolerate that they are discriminating against hiring people who might be health insurance risks (overweight) or the way they discriminate against women. I cannot tolerate that they pay wages lower than other large mechandisers. I cannot tolerate that a multi-billion dollar corporation relies on tax payers dollars so we can have 'Always Low Prices, Always'. I can't tolerate how they are responsible for the migration of manufacturing jobs overseas. I have little patience for the disregard they have for small town stores and the predatory practices they use to put them out of business.

But mostly I guess I'm intolerant of those that who allow Wal-Mart to succeed using such unethical business practices.

Does Saranac Lake need a large retailer? Sure it does. Do we need 121,000 sq ft of stuff for sale? Well it seems that could be a point of compromise. Would a downtown location for a retailer be a better option? Certainly a question deserving of an answer. Can the people of Saranac Lake, it's towns and counties work together to find the answers? One would hope so.

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